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Japan´s debt problem



A short visual explanation of Japan’s debt problem. In just a few short minutes you’ll have a deep understanding of Japan’s (impending) debt crisis. In the time it takes Ben Bernanke to print $13.7 million and many european countries are asking the same for the Eurozone…



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Source: Addogram


The lobby hidden in Washington



Because of Hollywood´s film, or conspiracy books, if we ask which Industry is the biggest sources of Lobby, most of the answers is Oil, Real Estate or Financials…


Well, we have a big surprise an unexpected result. Thanks to open-secrets we know that the most lobby Industry is Pharma/Healthcare/HMO. This industry spent more than $5.3 Billion between 1998 and 2012 while the second Industry spent “only” three times less money: insurance.


And financials? This lobby was commented in our section – Capital Markets.

SOURCE: Opensecrets – lobby


Natural Gas Or Solar Will Become The No. 1 Energy Source



Royal Dutch Shell has just released new forecasts for its ‘New Lens Scenarios’ program, which aims to predict how current business decision and policies may unfold over time and affect the markets in the future, under two scenarios, and the conclusion is clear:



The scenarios take two different approaches: one considers the world with a high level of government involvement, and the other looks at the markets when they are given more freedom to develop naturally:

  1. With high government involvement in dictating energy and policies, Shell believes that natural gas will flourish to become the number one energy source in the world over the next couple of decades, overtaking coal and helping to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. The other scenario exists when the government has taken little interest in the markets and has instead allowed the economy to progress naturally. Fossil fuel demand, especially for coal, would grow around the world. High oil demand would lead to higher prices, which sustain drilling for unconventional reserves in harsh, expensive environments. High energy prices in general will lead to more investment in research of alternative sources of energy, which will eventually cause solar power to become the dominant source of energy on the planet in about 50 years time.


SOURCE: Royal Dutch Shell





Global PMI manufacturing gives us an idea about the state of manufacturing and thanks to BofAML. An amount of 22 countries that have reported so far and… the message is not good. There were 12 countries in negative territory and 10 in positive.


Just we anticipated it in one Evolution chart: The key question for Europe is going to be their situation with Competitive. Europe remains a disaster with the divide between core and periphery, and European divergence could be done again, asking us the key question: Is it possible to hold a single and only monetary policy?? The UK’s plunge from expansion to contraction (just beating Italy’s weakness) was its largest drop in 8 months. While still theoretically in expansion, China also slid raising concerns over the global growth.



SOURCE: Bloomberg / BofAML



Quizás nos tilden de sensacionalistas y de demagogos, pero es un dato real y cierto. Según “Moody’s Analytics” el Bonus en conjunto de la Banca Americana por el ejercicio 2011 fue superior al repartido en 2010, pese a la caída de los Resultado del conjunto del sector en más de un 70% en los Estados Unidos.


Wall Street industry profits:


Wall Street average salary (and Main Street):



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